PhalloGauge Penis Extender Review – WTF Is it?

PhalloGauge Penis Extender Review – WTF Is it?

Review by Billy Wallace

Hey, I’m glad you’ve landed on my website here for my PhalloGauge extender review.

Now Billy is gonna “red-pill” you on possibly one of the best penis stretchers on the market.

Because I am going to give you all the information and facts that you’ll need before deciding if this is the right product for you.

First off we just like to say that I had no real intentions of writing this review.

After all, it was the same old same old.

But this review was just too good to pass up.

But a lot of the other reviews are pure crap and I’m here to literally “clean up” the mess.

That’s why PhalloGauge was the perfect penis stretcher for me to review because it has a good quality that I think you’d like and it will allow me to better promote the PE community.

Hope that sounds good, so today lets start this dang thing.

Opening your mind to what the PhalloGauge penis stretcher has to offer.

PhalloGauge is probably one of the greatest extenders that I had the pleasure of reviewing.

But what is it?

It is a penis extender, also known as a penis stretcher.

Therefore the PhalloGauge penis extender has the luxury of being around for 5 years so they are definitely pros at getting you the results that you desire for your penis.

Not only that, but it was developed by one of the best companies I’ve ever seen: PhalloGauge Medical PDMP Center of Excellence, led by an experienced medical engineer and medical doctor: Jeff Ferrara, MD.

I had the pleasure to chat with Jeff and I can tell he is super smart, but at the same time very kind and patient.

PhalloGauge and Jeff’s customer service is one of the best I’ve ever dealt with.

Whenever I had a question, he would gladly answer and respond very quickly.

So What Does the PhalloGauge Extender Do?

Don’t be mistaken it doesn’t target girth, but rather length.

It can help correct a curved penis due to Peyronie’s, which help to — or in some cases can completely cure impotence problems.

That’s because the blood will flow more “straight” into the penis (as opposed to a curved one).

Now the PhalloGauge is known by some as the worlds best penis extender due to it intelligent design that provides an extremely comfortable experience.

A major factor to pay attention to is that the PhalloGauge is known for being comfortable — like really comfortable (for something that is essentially yanking on your dick all day).

For this reason it has allowed users to put on the PhalloGauge extender night and day for upwards of 12 hours, practically pain free — which is a main factor to making great gains (I will go into more later on).

We have also personally noticed an increase in erection quality and orgasm energy. Both happily welcomed side effects from increased blood flow to the penis and stimulation.

And while I have already been thankful to only need the PhalloGauge myself for length and girth results.

PhalloGauge’s typical operation – how it does the job.

The PhalloGauge goes around the waist and on the penis via firm, discomfort free, progressive stress through its almost elegant-looking system via silicone wrap, elastic belt, and tension buckle.

You start by putting the tip of your penis into a little rubber wrap thats included; which is like a small wrap for the penis that secures your penis in place.

Now that you’re all set up you will use a gentle pressure to secure the penis in place with the hooks on the belt and silicone wrap.

Finally you attach the orthapedic belt system into the base of your penis, around your hips, together with other end of the belt to the end regarding the product. This creates a continous tension that slowly stretches the penis to make it grow.

The blood your body sends helps improve erection quality (thwart ED) and increase erection hardness. While the collagen and other bodily rebuilding agents help to permanently increase the measurements of your penis — just like weightlifting.

Cool huh?

By applying this tension you are essentially stretching the fascia of the penis, causing micro-tears, which the body then directs blood cells and lays down collagen (new tissue) to repair and grow.

Can it work for me? Is there proof?

The most important thing you wanna know is if this damn thing really works right?

Well the answer to that question is, yes, it does, and it works extremely well at that. And I among many are residing proof of these claims.

So why does it work?

PhalloGauge explains:

“Really, the fact is that virtually any bodypart exposed to correct prolonged tension or stimuli will in turn adjust and grow to match the workload being placed upon it. The principles are just like bodybuilding where muscles grow.”

And the cock in this regard is no different. The PhalloGauge is merely a safe tool of accomplishing this goal.

Ever wonder how skinny white dudes in porn boast huge unnatural looking penises? Think are born like that? Most of them — hell no! They’re all using the PhalloGauge or other similar devices to accomplish this.

And that’s where you need to also take hold of that competitive advantage!

We have actually even seen bodyparts that shouldn’t grow still grow under such circumstances, like in those african tribes where the females necks or lips are extended exceedingly long using metal rings and plates.

Clinical Studies from Real Users

Okay, so we all care about REAL results right here, especially in western society, we really would like hard evidential data from scientific studies before we do or buy anything.

The study was performed on 24 different men of various age ranges between 18-65 years old.

So with that said (remember I said their company was good for conducting real studies) I got a little geeky here and were able to find out the outcomes of a physician based clinical study of PhalloGauge results over the course of 0-6 months.

This is located at the end of the article.

But first:

Pound-for-Pound how does it stack up to other Penis Stretchers?

I feel overall it is on par with best of the competitors when it comes to raw length results you can expect.

Like everything on earth choices are subjective. Nevertheless, for me due to user feedback, research, design, and my knowledge.

However, the amount of additional comfort that is unique to your PhalloGauge compared to other extenders, in my opinion and numerous others, tips the scales in its favor for being the best device on industry today.

For example here is a testimonial from an experienced user I found.

The Results that You can’t Ignore.

  • Overall the average girth of the 24 total users was a 0.25″ increase after 3 months and a 0.3″ boost after 6 months
  • Overall the average erect amount of the 24 total users was a 0.45″ increase after 3 months and a 0.75″ increase after 6 months
  • Overall the average flaccid length of the 24 total users was a 0.4″ boost after 3 months and a whopping 0.6″ enhance after 6 months

Not bad. A definitely good, solid purchase for your penis enlargement needs.

PhalloSan Forte Penis Extender Review – What to Expect

A review by Billy Wallace

Reggie Wallace’s PhalloSan Review

I’ve written a whole lot of reviews for male enhancement products, and for the most part, these products are created for the average guy – guys who just want a bigger member.

Phallosan Forte is a quite a bit different.

Sure, the everyday guy can use it for male enhancement, but what really sets this device aside is its ability to help guys with IPP (a.k.a. Peyronie disease or penis curvature) and the ones recovering from prostate surgery.

But does it really work? It did for me – and countless other guys. And these devices has actually been clinically tested and approved. Is this really the best penis extender? Let’s find out.

What are you getting into when you buy the PhalloSan?

Phallosan is a stretching device, designed to elongate and enlarge the penis. We know – and have known for centuries – that gentle, consistent stretching makes the body to reproduce cells.

So that as these cells reproduce, skin and even entire body parts lengthen and enlarge.

This isn’t just hearsay both. We’ve seen clear proof of this in Ethiopia where women of the Mursi tribe pierce their lips to prepare for marriage. The lip plates get larger and weightier over time. It’s their belief that extended ear lobes and lips enhance a woman’s beauty.

Kayan women in Myanmar wear big brass rings around their particular necks to elongate them over time. The bands put pressure on the collarbone, causing the neck to lengthen gradually.

Stretching really does work. And that’s why Phallosan really can enlarge and lengthen your penis. Phallosan is gentle and effective – and you can wear it without anyone ever knowing it.

What Kind of Results Can I Expect From PhalloSan’s Penis Extender?

What Can Phallosan Do For You?

  • Raise your penis length by up to 1.9” in 6 months
  • Increase your erection by 1.5” in 3 months – 1.8” in 6 months
  • Increase your girth by 0.9” in as little as 3 months

Also it can do all of this without:

  • Side effects
  • Discomfort

These results had been the conclusion of a clinical study from a urological clinic in Germany. When studying Phallosan before and after gains, on average, test patients saw a 1.41” increase in non-erect length and 1.14” in erect length.

The highest results were 1.9” (non-erect) and 1.47” (erect).

The most readily useful part? All of these outcomes are permanent.

And they will get even better if you keep using Phallosan for longer than six months.

But wait, how does it even work?

Phallosan is an orthopedic belt system (the only patented one in the world) that utilizes vacuum protector technology to rapidly and effectively expand the penis.

The vacuum extends the entire length of the penis, starting at the glans.

No. The vacuum function is barely noticeable.

The “stretcher” (if it is possible to call it that) exerts gentle stress in the surface tissue of your penis.

The producers of Phallosan compare the sensation to a compression stocking, which I would say is about right.

The tension can be adjusted using a three-way valve, so in the event that you feel any discomfort (or want to ramp-up your results), you can adjust accordingly.

The tension clip is just what controls the tension level, and it’s equipped with a calibrated pull system.

The makers of Phallosan also built in what they call a “traffic light” (i.e. red, yellow and green) system that lets you know which setting is recommended for best results.

How much positive force does Phallosan create?

  • 88lb (green)
  • 87lb (green)
  • 43lb (yellow)
  • 31lb (yellow)
  • 41lb (red)
  • 61lb (red)

What’s unique about this device is that you don’t have to make use of an external pumping ball or tube when using it. The suction bell was designed so that you don’t have to get rid of it to control the pressure, which makes this device even easier to use.

There are three sizes to choose from: S, M and L. The size you choose will hinge on the size of your glans, but don’t worry – no one will ever have to know which size you need. The basic kit comes with all three sizes. That’s convenient, too, because as you grow, you can choose larger size if needed.

Exactly why are there sizes anyway?

Various bell sizes means your glans always have room to grow, so you’re always working toward greater results.

And no one will ever know you’re wearing this device. The system is straightforward to wear and surprisingly comfortable. I never once had it fall away from my pants, which has (embarrassingly) happened with other “stretchers.”

I’ve heard about IPP and Prostate Issues. Does that Matter?

They don’t necessarily have a medical condition that’s affecting their sex life, but they do require a boost in confidence and to better please their partners.

But Phallosan can also be used to help treat certain penis-related issues, like:

  • IPP (Innate Incurvate Penis) – a.k.a. a curved penis. Phallosan has actually helped 640 patients successfully treat IPP.
  • Prostate surgery – as a post-op treatment to replace intimate function.
  • Retractio penis – caused by obesity and being overweight. The penis actually retracts into the subcutaneous fat, making sex difficult or impossible. Phallosan can be used to draw the penis out associated with the subcutaneous fat tissue if weight loss is unsuccessful.
  • Erectile dysfunction caused by diabetes. Phallosan improves blood flow to your penis, delivering nutrients and oxygen needed for strong erection quality.

If you’re suffer with any of these conditions (trust me, you’re not the only one who is), talk to your physician about trying Phallosan.

What is the comfort level like for this penis extender?

Phallosan can be worn for up to 12 hours each and every day. The vacuum, which puts negative strain on the penis, is built into the suction bell. This smart design keeps the glans from slipping out.

I was initially skeptical that the belt would be uncomfortable to wear for such a long time frame, but I barely noticed it absolutely was there. And its size are adjusted to whatever is most comfortable for your unique body type.

If your belt just so happens to deteriorate over time, you can order replacements for all parts of the belt. The belt uses Velcro fasteners, which will make it so easy to displace parts.

Okay, think about swelling? Isn’t that going to be uncomfortable?

I happened to be worried relating to this, too. When vacuums are involved, you always have actually to worry about swelling and irritation. But Phallosan, surprisingly, doesn’t have this problem.

A protector cap is constructed into the device. The cap is just what protects the foreskin and glans from redness and swelling if the suction gets to be too strong.

And in the same way a side note (because I know you’re thinking about it), all three suction bells are made of unbreakable, allergen-free material. Actually, virtually all of the device’s parts tend to be made of allergen-free material, including the sleeve, which is made of silicon.

I had been happy about the sleeve’s material. I personally have a sensitivity to latex, and so many other devices use latex as part of their design. The silicon is comfortable and won’t irritate your skin.

How would I go about getting this penis extender?

Where can you get a hold of Phallosan Forte for sale? Online – directly from the manufacturer. And your kit comes in discreet packaging, so no one will ever know that you’re purchasing a penis extender. Billing is discreet, too.